Naming Ceremonies

Naming ceremonies are an original way to have a relaxed and personal celebration for a new child joining the family; perfect for children and families looking for an alternative to a Christening.

A naming ceremony is about introducing a new life and declaring his/her place in the wider community of family and friends. It is about sharing that joy with the people who you love the most. 

Naming ceremonies can be held wherever you wish: at home, in the park, the garden, or your local village hall. They are becoming increasingly popular in a range of settings.

Each naming ceremony is unique. It might include music, singing, poems, readings, parental promises to their child, the appointment of ‘guideparents’, and perhaps a symbolic action such as planting a tree, signing a certificate, or writing in a wish book.

Naming celebrations are not just for babies but could also be for an adopted child, blended families, single parent families, transgender naming ceremonies and adult naming/renaming ceremonies.